Workers and oppressed of the world unite, 2.0

The following are remarks made by Communist Party USA Vice Chair Scott Marshall to the 11th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties  hosted by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Communist Party of India in New Delhi on Nov. 20 - 22.


Children go hungry in America

Children go hungry throughout the United States, the richest country in the world. What is it about capitalism - or the so-called "free enterprise" system - that it does not fulfill such a basic need: adequate food?

Capitalism, socialism, democracy and other letters to the editor

Michael Moore's film on capitalism shows how very limited democracy is under capitalism.


When capitalism destroys democracy

There's a purpose why Michael Moore presents a two-hour, rapid fire account of harrowing, horror and arresting stories in his newest film "Capitalism: A Love Story." There are too many stories.

Detroit is Haiti: unforgivably Black

Time Magazine has decided to zero in on Detroit; here's a reaction from one lifelong Detroiter.

We must incriminate the basic rules of capitalism: An interview with Paul Boccara

Communist economist Paul Boccara has just published a book about the transformations and the crisis of global capitalism, in which he deals with the financial crisis, among other topics. Paul Boccara puts forward proposals to initiate emancipation from this 'gone mad' system.

10 truisms of capitalism from the mouths of robber barons

The callousness and greed of today’s bankers, financiers and corporate CEOs calls to mind the 19th century robber barons. Here’s a relevant sample of classic statements made by some of the worst U.S. capitalists in history.

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