Why did Susan Boyle become a global phenom?

I first saw the headline on Google. Something about “Britain’s Got Talent ‘never been kissed’ Susan Boyle attracts wide viewership.” Yes, the never been kissed part perked my interest.

Restoring reason at the FDA

It's official. Seventeen year-olds now get a second chance to prevent pregnancy as easily as older women do. The FDA, per order of the White House, extended over-the-counter access to emergency contraception, also known as the morning after pill, to 17-year-olds April 23.


May Day -- Born in the USA

Many of us never learned in school that May Day, the most widely celebrated holiday in the world, was born here in the USA.

Immigration reform welcome news

We welcome the news that both of the nation’s major labor federations have agreed to join forces to support an overhaul of the immigration system. They are backing the Obama administration’s call for a path to legalized status for each of the 12 million undocumented people now living and working in the United States.

Letters: Nukes, Berenson, Travel to Cuba, free speech, J.H. Franklin

Nuclear sense Fujimori and Berenson Dangerous speech Travel to Cuba John Hope Franklin

Love your mother

Earth Day, April 22, is sandwiched between Tax Day, April 15, and Workers Memorial Day, April 28. Just around the corner is May Day, May 1, the international workers day and a day for flower baskets and maypoles. What do they all have in common?

Unemployment -- not a lagging indicator of economy

It is conventional wisdom pontificated ad nauseam on business channels like CNBC and Bloomberg that employment figures are “lagging indicators” of the state of a country’s economy.

Editorial: Seeking a nuke-free world

President Obama told a crowd of 20,000 in Prague April 5 that the U.S., the only nation that has ever used nuclear weapons, has a “moral responsibility” to lead the way in seeking “the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

Editorial: In defense of equality

All people who cherish liberty, justice and equality have something to celebrate after Iowa’s Supreme Court and Vermont’s Legislature added those states to the short list of places in America where gay marriage is recognized as legitimate and legal.

LETTERS Banks, pensions, G20, drugs, and more

Banks What to do with the banks? Turn them into credit unions!! Jo Forman Via e-mail

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