Economic stimulus in China and the U.S. (Part 2)

China has announced a 2-year, $568 billion program to deal with economic and social problems caused by the global economic crisis. The program includes investment in education and health care, environmental protection, housing, highways and rail transportation, and other infrastructure projects. China’s plan, and the ways in which it helps workers in the U.S., were discussed last week in Part I of this article.


Editorial: Not this time

For too many years now the American people have been pushed around by the nation’s corporations, the banks, the insurance companies and their right-wing backers in government. If the events of this past week, coming just one month after a historic election, are any indication, we are seeing the beginnings of a movement that just might change all of that forever.

Letters December 13 -19, 2008

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Challenges and possibilities in the time of economic crisis

Given the current situation, it is apparent that the Obama administration enters the White House with huge challenges. At the same time, no president in recent memory brings to the job so much popular good will, a Congress dominated by Democrats, an election mandate for progressive change, and an energized movement that supports him.