Ending violence must be our passion

We can barely turn in any direction without encountering violence of one kind or another. It is a pervasive presence in our lives and the lives of people worldwide.


One year after Newtown and I am still angry

One year ago we all were stunned by the horrific event at a little elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.


More than regrets needed after D.C. shooting

A number of things came together to contribute to this latest mass shooting; many of those factors must be dealt with, and soon.


A hunter speaks out for gun control

The National Rifle Association and like-minded groups no longer speak for, nor do they represent, the millions of hunters who love hunting.


Guns, profits and Sandy Hook

Unless there is a sustained public movement to curb guns as a source of profit, the corporate profit drive will continue to push guns and oppose common sense regulations just to make money.


U.S. gun culture diagnosed as a social disease

In the wake of the two mass shootings this summer, some American physicians consider this country's gun violence a social disease.

The soul of the NRA

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the National Rifle Association's 141st Annual Convention, held in St. Louis, Missouri.


NRA fights for right to torture pigeons

The same psychopaths who probably twirled cats by their tails believe banning animal cruelty would lead to banning guns.