Long time, no hear - letters to the editor

A collection of good old fashioned letters to the editor. Since our move online, most "letters" come in the form of comments. But we still receive via post and e-mail letters to the editor, which we will publish as frequently as possible.

Controversy rises over plans for Haiti

With Haiti very far from seeing an end to its tribulation, there is both cooperation and conflict in the rescue effort.


Racism and counter-revolution: Cuba and Haiti

U.S. media reports have cast Haitian earthquake survivors as potentially violent. Like Afro-Cuban rebels before them, they were scorned.

Haiti: more than meets the eye

The world grieves as images of the beleaguered and dying Haitian people find their way into our homes. Despite the outrageous statements of Pat Robertson (Haitian people made a pact with devil), Rush Limbaugh (President Obama is going to use tragedy to improve his poll numbers, so don't give), David Brooks (Haitian culture is the real culprit) and miscellaneous right-wing Republicans, the world is responding.