‘This Is It’ Michael Jackson’s final performance

My family had planned a movie day and it was a big debate between me, my husband and three sons about which movie we would see.


‘District 9’ — profoundly racist

What D. W. Griffiths did to U.S. history in his technically magnificent but thematically racist "Birth of a Nation," Neill Blomkamp does to Africa in the profoundly racist "District 9."


When capitalism destroys democracy

There's a purpose why Michael Moore presents a two-hour, rapid fire account of harrowing, horror and arresting stories in his newest film "Capitalism: A Love Story." There are too many stories.

Sex, violence and video tape

If the old adage, “fight fire with fire,” is true, then it would likely follow that one must fight sexual violence with sex and violence.


It’s worth going out for

If you don’t mind going out, and you’ve already seen Michael Moore’s “Capitalism,” then you might check out the new sci-fi thriller “Surrogates.”

The Baader Meinhof Complex: a movie review

At every political gathering, it seems, there are those who decide to go off in some strange direction.

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