U.S.- Cuba relations not normalized until blockade ends

Only Congress can end the stalemate that exists between these two close neighbors and advance the historic change in relations that began in December 2014.


Give Guantanamo back to Cuba

For over 100 years, the U.S. has occupied 45 square miles of land and water in Guantanamo province in eastern Cuba. It's time to give it back.


Trump spins election fraud fantasy while Republicans cheat on voter rights

Trump claims he'll lose the election only if Democrats cheat at the polls, but the only ones cheating at elections are Republicans.


They came to the NAACP brandishing M-16s

For many of the NAACP's 2,200 local chapters and branches, this kind of harassment is a regular occurrence, simply because we stand up for civil rights.


From #FeelTheBern to #ImWithHer: A young activist takes the long view

Either Trump or Clinton will become president. There is no question as to which candidate gives the left the room it needs to form a programmatic response.


How do you solve a problem like Russia?

One good way to solve the "problem" of Russia might be to avoid making that country into a major problem every chance we get.


Republican convention: Trump advisor calls for Hillary Clinton’s execution

Throwing Hillary in prison is no longer enough for Republicans - now, they actually want to kill her.


Why we fight, or Evo 2016

If people power is to grow, it must be in arenas old and new, from game development to labor organization.


Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, Dallas: How far have we really come?

Police can be trained to recognize bias, dial back aggression, and deescalate.


Museum of Racist Memorabilia prompts reflection on our cultural objects

A new museum in Michigan holds up a mirror to America's racist cultural past and present.

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