Letters: OCTOBER 4

Bailout In perspective Rosenbergs betrayed Socialism, capitalism and public takeover Notes of appreciation


EDITORIAL: An insult to women

Sarah Palin’s selection as the Republicans’ vice-presidential candidate is an insult to women, and to the American people. It sent several disgusting messages.


Why McCain suspended his campaign

John McCain got lucky last week. Less than 24 hours after the New York Times broke a story about McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis’ ties to the Freddie Mac, the big home lender that failed during the Wall Street collapse, the story disappeared from the headlines.

OPINION: Finances and the current crisis: How did we get here and what is the way out? Part 1

In a vote that was heard around the world, reactionary Republicans along with some progressive Democrats in the House torpedoed a bill to stabilize financial markets. The compromise deal was better than what was initially proposed by Bush and Paulson, but did little to stimulate the economy or attend to the crisis of everyday living experienced by millions of ordinary Americans — who, it should be said, played by the rules.