The 2016 elections are strategic for advancing racial justice

Have we entered a more hateful and polarized era? Election Day 2016 is time for the anti-racist majority, horrified by recent events, to act.


America at a crossroads: BLM, Dr. King, and the tasks ahead

Appeals for racial justice now compete against calls for "law and order." The right paints Black Lives Matter as un-American. But if there are any patriots in all this, it is BLM.


After the recent horror, there are still two Americas

Non-violent tactics were taught by Jesus, Gandhi, and Dr. King - not because they were scared of violence but because they were wise about change.


Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, Dallas: How far have we really come?

Police can be trained to recognize bias, dial back aggression, and deescalate.


The legacy of Henry Wallace and the 1948 Progressive Party

When the Democrats convene in Philadelphia, they will meet in the city where Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party charted a new path for America way back in 1948.


Are Black men becoming endangered?

Our broken communities cannot continue to live in fear of the police; and their fear of us must also change.


With primaries over, shall we pack socialism away once more?

I had issues with Sanders, but now that his campaign is pretty much over, my biggest lament is that the term "socialism" will once again face extinction.


Alton Sterling, Black father of five, killed for selling CDs

Alton Sterling, 37, joins the seemingly endless list of Black people slain by cops and mourned by their neighbors, families and friends.


FBI’s Comey ignites new fury with Clinton’s “damn emails”

"Enough of the emails - let's talk about the real issues facing the American people." How much of this election so far has been about that?


A reply to Eric Gordon: Socialists should still make room for utopia

Utopian communities by themselves could not overcome the power of capitalism, but we do well to learn from their positive achievements - and failures. 

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