Socialism or barbarism in the 21st century?

Rosa Luxemburg famously said the choice before humanity was "socialism or barbarism." 101 years later, the same stark option confronts us today. 


Reader’s correspondence: Reply to Libretti on inequality

Even under socialism, doctors and lawyers will receive higher salaries than custodians, postal workers, cashiers, and fast food workers.


Open source socialism: Harnessing innovation for progressive change

The impulse for large-scale, government-led democratic socialist reforms could produce the qualitative transformation Marx counted on.


What Hillary Clinton should learn from Brexit

The stunning British vote to leave the European Union - is a clear and dramatic rebuke of the country's political and economic elites. 


Pat Summitt, 64: Gender pioneer

Summitt, if you don't know, was the legendary and beloved women's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee.


Dreaming of Brexit

Globalization is unstoppable. Even war will only produce a pause in the process. But its shape, boundaries, and direction are all subject to initiative.


Widening wealth gap exposes America’s cultural commitment to inequality

"I believe these truths to be self-evident: America is committed to inequality."


Brexit, Trump, and the choices we actually have

The Brexit vote shows the pitfalls of acting as if we had ideal choices rather than real ones. 


The House sit-in wasn’t dumb or great, it was a beginning

One action isn't going to do it. Progressives will have to do much more to break industry's choke hold on Congress.


Socialism: A once-in-10,000-years opportunity

For the first time since the earliest human societies, people have finally started to practically work toward a social order not based on exploitation.

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