As November nears, Texas GOP gets weirder

The great State of Texas has always been an asylum for colorful characters, but something is burnishing those colors to high gloss of late.


Nationalize BP!

Those of us who live along the Gulf Coast have been shocked by the callous disregard for safety, worker's lives and destruction of our environment exhibited by BP in Texas and Louisiana.


Thousands gather to commemorate a legend

Thousands from all corners of North Texas gathered to remember a man who lifted a nation into the fight for equality.


Texas execution could end death penalty, if we act

Texas put to death an innocent man. It can be the beginning of the end of the death penalty, if we act.


Religion and the economy: A theologian challenges ‘status quo’

A Texas theologian challenges the idea that Jesus Christ's teachings must be contorted into support for big business and the "status quo."


Joe Barton -- always Big Oil's man -- from the archives

Did you hear that great groaning sound? It was us, the people of Texas, expressing our opinion about the news that Congressman Joe Barton was fixing to investigate somebody.

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