FBI’s Comey ignites new fury with Clinton’s “damn emails”

"Enough of the emails - let's talk about the real issues facing the American people." How much of this election so far has been about that?


A reply to Eric Gordon: Socialists should still make room for utopia

Utopian communities by themselves could not overcome the power of capitalism, but we do well to learn from their positive achievements - and failures. 


Socialism or barbarism in the 21st century?

Rosa Luxemburg famously said the choice before humanity was "socialism or barbarism." 101 years later, the same stark option confronts us today. 


Cooperation and conflict: An uneasy, but necessary tension

The Democratic Party embodies different political currents, not simply a neoliberal one.


Pat Summitt, 64: Gender pioneer

Summitt, if you don't know, was the legendary and beloved women's basketball coach at the University of Tennessee.


Widening wealth gap exposes America’s cultural commitment to inequality

"I believe these truths to be self-evident: America is committed to inequality."


Brexit, Trump, and the choices we actually have

The Brexit vote shows the pitfalls of acting as if we had ideal choices rather than real ones. 


The House sit-in wasn’t dumb or great, it was a beginning

One action isn't going to do it. Progressives will have to do much more to break industry's choke hold on Congress.


Time for the NRA’s members to step up

As gun owners, blood will be on our hands if we keep selfishly doing nothing. 


Envisioning a modern, democratic, peaceful, and green socialism

The American people have been denied the right to discuss socialism in the public arena. Thanks to Bernie, that's changing. 

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