Socialism is a process, a recognition of possibility

Socialism is a process of social transformation which includes the democratizing of society as well as the transformation of the agents of change. 


Football, race, and American socialism

American football is full of metaphors and paradoxes. The NFL is the most socialistic framework and business model in all of professional sports.


The Sanders campaign, political revolution, and the 2016 elections

Political boundaries are being eclipsed and thinking reshaped. Seeds of change are being sown and foundations are being laid for deeper-going changes.


Rebuild America's infrastructure

We didn't need the horrors of children at risk from fouled lead pipes in Flint, Michigan to know that our infrastructure is dangerously decrepit.


What is socialism? Let’s get specific

Sanders' campaign for president certainly has elevated the discussion on socialism to a national stage. But what does it mean?


Have you “turned around”? Reflections on my generation’s political evolution

Did I "rapidly burn out?" Did most of my friends in "the movement" follow that course? I rather think not.


Bernie Sanders should have done better with Clyde Bellecourt’s treaty question

Sanders was asked a very important question looming in the minds of American Indian voters, and could have done much more.


Shining a light on Scalia and the Supreme Court

It's our turn to lift up our voices, clarify concretely what the stakes are, and what kind of justice fits our times.


Megan Green: Unbossed and unbought

A quiet storm, which has been brewing here since mid-January, has recently become a political tsunami.


Notes on the eve of the New Hampshire primary

If you stretch out your time frame,  the results of Bernie's showing in Iowa are a big quake on the Richter scale of American politics.

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