Immigrant rights: Put mass pressure on Congress now!

NewsAnalysis This month must see greatly increased pressure from the progressive grassroots, or very nasty anti-immigrant legislation will likely be enacted.

Electoral coup in Palestine

There is no doubt that the recent legislative council elections in Palestine were an electoral coup. Due to the nature of this coup and because of the current conditions at the regional and international level, it will be extremely difficult for Hamas to assume the responsibility of forming the next Palestinian government alone.

A monster was unveiled!

Commercial news reporters and pundits have lately made a great to-do about the 50th anniversary of Nikita Khrushchev’s famous “secret” speech denouncing Stalin’s leadership in the old Soviet Union. They credit the speech with beginning a process that eventually ended with the downfall of the entire socialist structure of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Shani breaks the rules

Olympic gold-medal winner Shani Davis is not playing by the rules. I don’t mean the Olympic rules of international athletic competition. He has abided by those. He trained hard, practiced long, competed honestly. He should be a momentary national hero. But Davis’ press is ambivalent rather than celebratory. The reason: The speedskater is not playing by the unspoken, but powerful, racial rules that constrain Black men in America



EDITORIAL: Stand up to anti-woman bullies

International Women’s Day, March 8, and Women’s History Month, observed this month, should be a time to celebrate gains in equal rights for women. But the ultra-right has launched an offensive to wipe out women’s reproductive rights, a launching pad for rolling back every other gain women have won. En español EDITORIAL: Luchando por la mujer

Veterans feeling Washingtons neglect

Commentary As more and more soldiers return from Iraq they are discovering help is limited. When dealing with the stress of returning to everyday life, many feel the Bush administration has failed to prioritize veterans services.

Palestinians face punishment for election choice

NewsAnalysis The victory of Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, in the Palestinian legislative elections Jan. 25 has precipitated a new stage in the U.S.-Israeli policy of doling out short rations to the Palestinian Authority so as to better control it.


Einstein in the hood. BOOK REVIEW: Einstein on Race and Racism.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a Communist sympathizer (Commsymp, in FBI parlance). They also called him a radical, a subversive and what would be called today, a liberal. This according to the dossier kept on his speeches, writings and activities, by J Edgar Hoover.

Bushs phony moralism. BOOK REVIEW: With God On Their Side.

Today Americans are faced with probably the greatest threat to the separation of religion and government in our nation’s history. This is a result of the political power grab by the Christian right in alliance with the Republican Party and the administration of George W. Bush. Esther Kaplan in her book “With God On Their Side” focuses on the “impact the Christian right, as a dogma-driven political movement, has had in dictating American policy.”

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