Attention must be paid

In Arthur Miller’s classic play, “Death of a Salesman,” aging traveling salesman Willy Loman pleads for his job with the son of the man who hired him and is about to fire him. Exasperated and fearful, Willy shouts that “promises were made across this desk!”

Lies, videotape, and democracy

I want to point out how two pieces of popular technology have contributed to the exposure of the lies and attempted cover-up of the misdeeds of two U.S. presidents, and to urge you to use your vote to oust Bush in 2004.

Two scenarios. Which one is more believable?

Of these two hypothetical scenarios, which seems more believable? Offhand you might feel that number two rings the credibility bell. After all, number one is simply outrageous: a team of gung-ho guys establishing their own prison in Kabul for no other reason than to help fight terrorism. With no resources other than their own. And no profit to boot. But when you think about it, if number one comes after number two, they’re both believable!

Questions on 9/11 refuse to go away

The final report of the bipartisan national 9/11 commission is unlikely to stamp out questions about the Bush administration’s handling of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, its Iraq war, or its overall foreign policy.

The German Peasant War: A Panoramic Legacy of the German Democratic Republic

While on a visit to the German Democratic Republic (GDR, or East Germany) 21 years ago, at the time of the great peace demonstrations against U.S. cruise and Pershing missiles, I learned that an East German painter would soon begin a vast panorama on the subject of the German Peasant War of the 1520s.

Is there a limit to their gall?

Opinion The Bush administration has released a 450-page report by its Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba.

Marital musings

Opinion In March, the cabaret critic Stephen Holden penned a lovely obituary of the American songwriter Bart Howard in The New York Times.

Who decides: women or the government?

Who decides? Women or the government? That’s the question. Who gets to make the choice for a woman whether she has a child or not?

Trickle-down Bush math

Opinion When John Kerry referred to Bush’s propaganda team as the “worst bunch of liars and crooks,” he was referring to their campaign to hornswoggle the American people.

Prisoners and the right to vote

Opinion It might surprise you to learn that nearly 5 million of our citizens cannot vote. That is because they are prisoners or former prisoners.

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