Pivotal Wisconsin primary highlights problems with nomination system

The upcoming Wisconsin primary could be a make-or-break moment for Bernie Sanders' campaign.


Trump and the Republican elite: Two sides of a single coin

Trump's toxic stew - demagogic, divisive, brutish, misanthropic, incendiary and violent - struck a nerve among a section of the electorate and frightened others.


What's a people's agenda for political revolution?

Does it really matter who becomes President of the United States? It sure does!


Clinton should release transcripts of her Wall St. speeches

All of Clinton's strong progressive positions on a host of issues could be subverted if the country remains on a Wall St.-backed policy that feeds the fires of war.


Trump: The Great Disconnector

You see much in the country that is worrying and a seemingly endless parade of do-nothing politicians; you are going to raise your voice proudly in favor of change.


Not voting? Think again

This presidential election is historic because for the first time we will elect either a woman, a genuine activist, or a pouting bully: How could she sit this one out?


Mexico is our neighbor, not the enemy

We don't need a wall; we need a bridge. We are neighbors, bound together by geography and by history.


The Sanders campaign, political revolution, and the 2016 elections

Political boundaries are being eclipsed and thinking reshaped. Seeds of change are being sown and foundations are being laid for deeper-going changes.


Bernie Sanders should have done better with Clyde Bellecourt’s treaty question

Sanders was asked a very important question looming in the minds of American Indian voters, and could have done much more.


Clinton will need Sanders' "political revolution" if she's the nominee

Sanders: "Whether or not I win the nomination, we all must work together to unite the Democratic Party. We must come together to assure that the right wing does not capture the White House.

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