Ray Bradbury: an American imagination

If ever there were a talent worthy of high regard, this gentle cauldron of imagination seems a figure that ought to be regarded as a national treasure.


Death of Maurice Sendak brings out a flood of commentary

As soon as the news of Maurice Sendak's death was announced, social media was flooded with comments from generations of readers, parents, and librarians.


Ben Bella, guts and inspiration of Algerian Revolution, mourned

Ahmed Ben Bella, a leader of Algeria's liberation struggle and the country's first president, died on April 11 at his home in Algiers.

Building Trades Dept. President Mark Ayers dies

Ayers was a longtime leader of  IBEW Local 34 in Peoria, Ill., before ascending to national union office. He was unanimously elected president of the department in early 2007.

Steve Cooper, trade union, civil rights activist dies at 77

Steve Cooper, a longtime trade union, civil rights activist and member of the Los Angeles Metro Club of the Communist Party died recently in Los Angeles. He was 77.


Etta James and Johnny Otis: R & B Revolutionaries

Two Los Angeles-based legends of Rhythm & Blues passed away last week: Etta James and Johnny Otis.


Lorenzo Torrez, copper miner, Communist leader, dies at 84

Lorenzo Torrez, leader of the Communist Party, a staunch yet quiet spoken fighter for union rights and Mexican American equality, died New Years Day in Tucson.

Leo Fichtenbaum, lifelong drum major for justice, dies

As a teenager and a member of the Young Communist League, he was active in the struggle to free the Scottsboro Boys and helped to organize the fur workers.

Edward Elkind, lifelong peace activist, dies

Edward H. Elkind, 81, a Marxist activist and teacher who also worked as a computer programmer and advocated such causes as D.C. home rule, rent control, public housing and public health clinics, died Oct. 8.


Elouise Cobell, leader of landmark Native American lawsuit, dies at 65

Cobell is especially honored for her role as the lead plaintiff in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit charging the U.S. government with cheating Native Americans.

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