“Cabin in the Woods” is full of surprises

The Cabin in the Woods takes the overdone slasher flick formula, tears it down, and builds it back up.


"Skin I Live In" gets very weird

Almodóvar is internationally famous for highly colorful, exceedingly dramatic, often perverse films. Some might find them shocking.


Texas legislature offers grim solutions

There's cheerful news, sort of, for those frustrated Texans who have completely given up.


A little poem ponders "birthers"

Who Knows? Take the tea party ranters: instead of reasoning, they shout. Perhaps they're from outer space; they certainly are spaced out.

Tax-deductible invasions

However, there is a solution to knowing if Americans want a war or not. Tax checkoff.


After 500 years, Copernicus is forgiven

Materialists, take heart! Copernicus has been forgiven.

On technology, what would Lenin do?

I used to think Lenin was a sharp cookie, but he's gone too far this time.


Republican Party excites scientific community

(Satire) -- Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's proclamation declaring April Confederate History Month could lead to evidence that would further validate the theory of evolution.