"Prometheus" - The return of smart sci-fi

The storytelling approach here was very cerebral, which instantly makes "Prometheus" a candidate for the best science fiction film seen in several years.


Ray Bradbury: an American imagination

If ever there were a talent worthy of high regard, this gentle cauldron of imagination seems a figure that ought to be regarded as a national treasure.


Cameron went to the bottom of the ocean. So what?

James Cameron made a historic solo dive in his Deepsea Challenger to the Mariana Trench.

Meat, money, and markets: More bad news

We've known for some time that having too much red meat in our diets has negative health consequences.

Sugar: the toxic spoonful

The people who make Sugar Frosted Flakes were on to something when they dropped "sugar" from the name of their product.


Size matters re school classes, scientists find

The class size issue is better given a scientific consideration than a political one.

Republicans and the corporate attack on science

Fedoroff and other scientists are positively amazed at the hostility towards scientific proposals put forth to solve many of the problems facing the world today.


The “choice” myth about sexual orientation

Since the advent of the gay rights movement, gay and lesbian people have been bombarded by a myth.


Large asteroid to sail past Earth today

The space rock is about 1,300 feet across in size. And while it will pose no apocalyptic threat, it will notably be closer to the world than the moon.


"Skin I Live In" gets very weird

Almodóvar is internationally famous for highly colorful, exceedingly dramatic, often perverse films. Some might find them shocking.

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