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It’s up to ‘We the Peoples’ / Reclaiming International Women’s Day

Salvadoran doctor appeals for strike support

BALTIMORE – Dr. Evelyn Martinez de Calderon told a crowd here, Feb. 28., that 5,500 medical doctors in El Salvador are still standing strong despite death threats aimed at smashing their five-month strike against privatization of the nation’s health care system.


Okla. needs ‘books not bombs’ As a high school student in an Oklahoma public school system, I appreciate your coverage of the Oklahoma teacher’s rally on Feb. 12. (2/22) The nation needs to know that many states are cutting back on education because of budget shortfalls. Instead of wasting money on war, President Bush needs to offer relief for such states so that the youth of America are not neglected.


Shredding the Bill of Rights In a full-page ad in The New York Times, Feb. 25, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) pointed out that Attorney General John Ashcroft ram-rodded through Congress the USA Patriot Act in Oct. 2001 with sweeping new FBI powers to spy on the people in the name of fighting terrorism.

U.S.-Philippine troop deal unravels

Plans the Pentagon announced last week to send 3,000 troops to the Philippines to help in efforts to eradicate the Abu Sayyaf group of Islamic militants are facing a sharp challenge this week as critics point out that the Philippine constitution bars foreign troops from fighting on its territory.

Headlines 666

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PWW headlines April 1, 2003

PWW headlines April 1, 2003


If I could save time in a bottle...

CD Spins:

Bete.e and Stef, a talented duo from Montreal, Canada, first came to the attention of Canadians in 1997 with their self made and promoted CD Jazz/Bossa Nova. It sold 50,000 units, an incredible achievement when jazz CDs, either domestic or imported, sell at the most 10,000 CDs in Canada. Day by Day is Bete.e and Stef’s second release and it does not disappoint.


Bush the liar It seems that there are still people out there who have not concluded that everything the president and his pawns (or is it the other way around?) say about anything is a distortion or outright lie. And these people seem to believe that Iraq actually poses some sort of threat to something other than oil company executives’ profits.

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