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Cuba rebounds from Hurricane Charley

Cuba specializes in hurricanes, but Charley was different. During two hours in the early morning of Aug. 13, Havana Province experienced its worst storm since 1915. Charley was only the fourth August hurricane of the past 200 years, according to Cuban meteorologists.



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The Olympic Games Chilling dissent

Canada phone strike solid after 4 months

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – In towns and cities along Canada’s Atlantic coast, 4,300 telephone workers have been walking the picket line since April 23 to save their jobs and to win livable pensions and a better prescription benefit from their employer, Aliant. Aliant is 53 percent owned by BCE Inc., Canada’s top telecom company.

Marriage equality fight continues

The fight for marriage equality took a disappointing turn Aug. 13 when the California Supreme Court nullified the nearly 4,000 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in that state.



Bloody quagmire / These numbers count

Texas crime lab crimes

HOUSTON — Nanon Williams was arrested here in 1992 when he was 17 years old for the crime of capital murder. He was sentenced to death in 1995. He is on death row today because of the testimony of the Houston Police Department (HPD) crime lab.

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