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Forum reports Venezuelas advances

CHICAGO — The dynamic, grassroots character of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution under President Hugo Chávez was vividly depicted at a forum here March 16 through words, music, slides and photos.


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EDITORIAL: Republican hypocrisy

Republican senators bowed to the White House March 7, dropping their opposition to warrantless wiretapping by the National Security Agency in exchange for a fig-leaf concession by President Bush.

EDITORIAL: Whos corrupt?

In February 2003 Bush’s Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao issued an undisguised threat to the elected union leaders representing millions of Americans.


Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner Big Bang correction Anti-worker attitude It’s still a jungle Health care here & overseas Unconstitutional

American Indian activist Leonard Peltier seeks new trial

ST. LOUIS — “It is my obligation to find errors in the government’s case,” Barry Bachrach, a defense lawyer for Leonard Peltier, told the World outside of the Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse here Feb. 13, after a hearing to review Peltier’s conviction and sentencing.


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ANN ARBOR, Mich.: Students hold ‘spy-in’ protest SACRAMENTO, Calif.: State Assembly condemns Patriot Act COLUMBUS, Ohio: Authorities reject ‘intelligent design’ MOBILE, Ala.: Vets, hurricane survivors to march

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