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CPUSA condemns Gaza attacks

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) emphatically condemns the continuing Israeli air strikes in Gaza, which have left hundreds dead and over a thousand wounded. The hundreds of Israeli air strikes have been carried out with a total disregard for the safety of civilians and institutions and are the latest phase in a campaign to blockade the economy of Gaza and deny the people access to basic necessities.

EDITORIAL: Happy holidays

This year will go down in history. Electing the first African American president is history-making. And what it took to accomplish that is history-making too: the unity — and struggle — of millions of ordinary Americans coming together to take back our country from the reactionary corporate Republican elite.

Ultra-right pushes Canada into political crisis

Canada has been thrown into a period of intense political volatility as the three opposition parties in Parliament have rejected the governing ultra-right Conservative Party’s “mini-budget” response to September’s economic meltdown, and announced the formation of a coalition government ready to take power. Parliament is now suspended until January.

Canada: Political crisis postponed

VANCOUVER, B.C. — A political standoff between the rightwing Conservative Party government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the opposition that would have seen the Liberal Party and center-left New Democratic Party (NDP) form a coalition government to replace the Conservatives, has been narrowly averted. Governor-General Michaelle Jean has granted the Conservatives a short reprieve by closing Parliament until Jan. 26.

EDITORIAL: Focus on policy

The process of governing has begun for President-elect Barack Obama, as the economic crisis deepens and a bloody attack in Mumbai, India, puts terrorism on top of our headlines.

Global labor needs a global stimulus

“Workers of the World Unite” is back by popular demand. And not just by demand, but by necessity.

Facts on Venezuela

Poll Shows Rising Satisfaction with Democracy in Venezuela A new survey published on November 14, 2008 by the respected Chilean polling firm Latinobarómetro finds that Venezuela has the region's highest rate of support for democracy as the best system of government, and the second highest rate of satisfaction with the actual functioning of democracy. Citizen satisfaction with democracy has risen by 14 percentage points since 1998, when President Chavez was elected for the first time.

More delicious fare includes Viggo Mortensens Good

There were at least two films at the 44th Annual Chicago Film Festival that addressed the rise of Nazi power leading up to World War II. A powerful drama entitled, “Good,” to be released in late December, stars the talented actors, Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs as two buddies who had fought together in World War I.

New president, new media

CHICAGO (AP) — This isn't your grandfather's fireside chat. President-elect Barack Obama plans to tape a weekly address not just for radio listeners, as presidents have for years, but for YouTube Internet viewers, too.

240,000 jobs lost last month

Two hundred forty thousand more workers were tossed onto the jobless pile in October, driving the nation’s official unemployment rate to 6.5 percent – the worst in 14 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 1 million U.S. workers have now lost their jobs this year and more than 10 million are out of work and looking for new jobs.

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