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Yoda says Treat, you did!

Dear Reader, You surprised us again.


State ballot measures highlight social, labor issues

Claiming voters’ attention this fall alongside races for national, state and local elective offices are over 150 state ballot initiatives and a wide range of local measures.

Economic crisis clobbers California

Less than a month after California’s legislature and governor finalized the state’s budget after an 85-day delay, that budget — patched together with accounting sleight-of-hand and optimistic guesswork — may be headed back to the drawing board under the impact of the growing economic and financial crises.


Free Liliany Obando!

Liliany Obando, closely associated with Colombia’s largest rural labor organization, was arrested Aug. 8 in what police called a “preventive” arrest. In the process, officers of Colombia’s National Police Anti-Terrorism Unit and Criminal Investigation Directorate harassed her children, seized her family’s personal documents and removed left publications.

In Virginia, military families mobilize

Stacie Burgess, wife of an active-duty sailor in the U.S. Navy, was in the crowd at an Oct. 4 rally of 20,000 in Newport News where Obama urged a last-minute push to register more first-time voters and get them to the polls. She joined a group chanting “O-ba-ma” so loudly it caught his attention. Wading through the crowd after his speech, Obama reached out and shook her hand.


Disarmament advocates vs. U.S.-India nuclear deal

Peace and disarmament activists are warning that an agreement now before the Senate to let India buy nuclear fuel and technology from the United States for civilian purposes could make it easier for India to build more nuclear weapons. They say the pact also undermines the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty because it would let India participate in international nuclear trade even though it developed nuclear weapons outside the NPT framework and won’t sign the treaty.

Protect your vote

This year’s historic election may come down to two major factors: how many people turn out to the polls, and how many of their votes are counted.

Letters: Sept. 20, 2008

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Liar, Liar

Independent watchdog groups and, increasingly, mainstream media are debunking what many call an unprecedented number of distortions and smears put forward by John McCain as he attempts to lie his way into the White House.

Letters - Sept. 13, 2008

What is a maverick? Cuba solidarity now Prepare to protect vote Palin and wolves

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