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Plumbers, Unite Here endorse Obama

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won the backing Jan. 9 of the 60,000-strong Culinary Workers Union in Nevada. The endorsement followed announcements by the 450,000-member parent union, Unite Here, and the national Plumbers and Pipefitters Union that they were backing the Illinois senator.


Illegal immigrants, or undocumented ones?

Minneapolis artist Ricardo Levins has a bumper sticker that reads, “An injury to Juan is an injury to Al.” In a lighthearted way, that twist on the classic labor motto captures the meaning behind a resolution adopted at this year’s convention of the International Labor Communications Association.

Letters: Jan. 12, 2008

New Year’s greeting Torture Robeson season After Iowa $100 a barrel Apology

Tribunals examine U.S. role in Colombia

In Colombia, four million people have been forced from their homes and land. Poverty is rampant: almost 24 percent of Colombians earn less than two dollars a day; 65 percent, less than three dollars daily; 40 percent of the children don’t attend school.

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