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Declassified U.S. documents recall Cuba contacts

George Washington University’s National Security Archives has released classified government documents shedding light on U.S. relations with Cuba. On the National Archives website (gwu.edu), Senior Analyst Peter Kornbluh notes, “This rich declassified record of the past provides a road map for the new administration to follow in the future.”

UnionBook: A social network for labor

Original source: Union activists are, well, active. Sometimes that’s a problem on social network sites like FaceBook, MySpace and others that tend to limit an individual’s activity if it exceeds their arbitrary limits.

Israel navy captures Gaza Strip aid vessel

Reposted from Morning Star ISRAEL'S navy attacked and seized international aid ship the Tali that was heading for the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday. Al-Jadeed and al-Jazeera journalists who were aboard the Tali said that the Israelis had fired at the ship before boarding it and beating those on board.

LETTERS February 14, 2009

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Posada, Cuban Five: Now in Obamas court

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez last month asked the Obama administration to extradite Luis Posada to Venezuela, in accordance with treaty obligations. Venezuela wants him to finish judicial proceedings there, cut short in 1985 when he escaped from jail. Posada, a citizen of Cuba and Venezuela, had been jailed because of his central role in organizing the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976 that killed all 73 people aboard. The Bush administration refused to extradite Posada after his illegal arrival in Florida in 2005.

Star Tribune bankruptcy imperils 1,400 Minnesota jobs

Reposted from Workday Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS - The Star Tribune's move to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy puts 1,400 local workers' jobs in limbo. About two-thirds of the workers at the state's largest newspaper are union members. The eight unions at the Star Tribune face the likely prospect that the newspaper will use bankruptcy proceedings, filed on Jan. 15, to persuade a judge to impose concessionary contracts, union leaders fear.

Iraqs Communists run lively campaign

On the final day of campaigning for Iraq’s provincial elections, a Communist Party motorcade waving banners and with loudspeakers blaring drove through Baghdad’s impoverished Sadr City district, known to many Iraqis as Thawra (revolution) City, Jan 29.

How racism sparked capitalisms financial crisis

As Congress debates an economic recovery package, it is important to keep in mind how the country got into this mess in the first place: the racially motivated lending practices of Wall Street banks and mortgage companies that targeted Black and Latino families with unfair and discriminatory loans.

Letters February 7, 2009

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Brazil hosts World Social Forum

Brasilia, Jan 27 (Prensa Latina) The ninth edition of the World Social Forum (WSF), to be run until February 1, is to start Tuesday with a long walk by more than 100,000 participants through Belen streets.

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