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'Charade' shames Texas

In the middle of the worst crisis of our lifetimes, the Texas Senate has thrown its full energies into solving a problem that doesn’t exist! Even the Dallas daily paper, usually as anti-worker as any mainstream press, ended their lead editorial with “Someone should end this charade.”

Opinion: Lou Dobbs goes loco

Washington, DC — Is anti-immigrant rabble-rouser and CNN loudmouth Lou Dobbs losing his marbles? At a minimum, he is losing whatever last shreds of credibility he used to possess.

Cuba studies stem cells, stroke cure

Havana, Mar 12 (Prensa Latina) Important studies of neural transplants with stem cells for the treatment of brain infarctions were presented in the 2009 International Conference of Neurological Restoration meeting in this capital.


Republican racism runs rampant

Recently the pro-Republican, Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post ran a scurrilous racist cartoon comparing Obama to the Connecticut chimpanzee that was shot dead by the police. The headline read, “Who’s going to write the stimulus package now?” a more than a sub-textual suggestion that assassinating President Obama is an option to those who disagree with him. I think that is against the law.


Glad to read it Robert Smalls: great American More on single-payer Prisoner request

Editorial: Democracy hypocrisy

The architects of the biggest job-killing operation in U.S. history — one that has chewed up and spit out the jobs of more than 1.8 million human beings during the last three months — are now emoting about job loss in this country.

Goodbye "trickle-down" economics

Fresh from winning passage of a $787 billion economic stimulus package, the Obama administration has outlined its $3.6 trillion budget for the coming year. Its priorities represent a sharp break with longstanding Republican “trickle down” economics, which have focused on tax cuts for the super-wealthy and corporations at the expense of people-oriented programs.

Scientists use 'piggyback' technique for stem cells

Pioneering work by Japanese stem-cell researchers two years ago has taken a major step forward, helping the quest for versatile, grow-in-a-dish transplant tissue, according to papers published yesterday.

ICE-d! Dragnet raids, quotas stir outrage

BALTIMORE—Six-year-old Tomas Guillen underwent chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital without the comforting presence of his father. His dad, Ernesto Guillen, a janitor, was on the way to his son’s bedside when he and 23 other Latino workers and shoppers were arrested at a 7-Eleven Store here in 2007.

Solis confirmed as labor secretary

President Obama finally has a labor secretary, leaving his picks at commerce and health and human services still to go to complete his cabinet.

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