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Mexican steelworkers occupy complex

On Dec. 20, over 2,000 iron ore miners occupied the Sicartsa plant and three other neighboring steel plants in the huge steel complex located at Lázaro Cárdenas-Las Trujas, in the Mexican state of Michoacán. ISPAT Mexicana, the largest steel plant in Mexico, was included.

U.S. blockade abuses Cuban children

Military might and patriotic display are now in charge, ever since Sept. 11. Yet reminders surface of U.S. misbehavior over many years in the name of anti-communism and defending U.S. interests. Here the plight of Cuba’s children is recalled.



Election battles forming/Colombia’s peace at risk

Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray, directed by Gillian Armstrong, is faithful to Sabastian Faulks’ prize-winning book on which it’s based.



Silence is deadly/Time for a change

Poll: UT staff unhappy

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – The results are in from a survey distributed at the University of Tennessee (UT) here by the United Campus Workers throughout the fall semester of 2001.

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