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Jazz CD honors Chicago 7

Music Review CHICAGO — The 1969 Chicago Seven conspiracy trial and surrounding investigation spiraled into a circus-like event, exposing the dirty underbelly of law enforcement at the time, and shocking the entire nation.



2005 and beyond / We’d also like to offer some awards.

Economist exposes Colombias misery

CHICAGO — Hector Mondragon is not your typical economist. He doesn’t have a desk job as an adviser to a big bank or multinational corporation, nor is he a government bureaucrat. Neither does he hold a comfortable position teaching macroeconomic theory at a university, although he’s well qualified to do so. click here for Spanish text

Canada court OKs marriage equality

VANCOUVER, British Colombia — A Supreme Court ruling on Dec. 9 that same-sex marriage is constitutional has paved the way for the introduction of legislation that will legalize gay marriage in Canada.

CBS deems equality ad unacceptable

The United Church of Christ was set to launch its first-ever nationwide advertising campaign on Dec. 1. Research conducted by the UCC found that many people across the country have felt alienated by churches; this new campaign was designed to welcome all people, regardless of ability, age, race, economic circumstances or sexual orientation, into the UCC.

Arizonas anti-immigrant Prop. 200

Opinion Arizona’s anti-immigrant Prop. 200 remains in quagmire! Even though it passed on Nov. 2 with a 56-44 margin, no one seems to know what it will mean to Arizona. Even its sponsors can’t agree. What is abundantly clear is the racist character of its promoters. Most of their funding came from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a Washington, D.C., right-wing foundation.



Soldiers raise their voices / Obstruction of justice

When does 2+2 not equal 4?

In capitalist schools, we are taught that two plus two always equals four. But Marxism, and science in general, points to a different, more dynamic result, one that more accurately reflects reality. The difference can help us better assess economic statistics and the world as a whole.

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