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Cuba’s response to flu Fly ash Investigate human rights abuses in Gaza May Day Stories


WORLDNOTES - Germany, Ethiopia, Australia, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Cuba

Germany: Nuclear withdrawal a campaign issue Ethiopia: Arrests pose quandary for U.S. Australia: Controversy over refugee rights Ecuador: President Correa wins Cuba: Foreign ministers hear from Raul Castro

Obama admin. launches renewable fuels programs

President Obama took two major steps this week to expand the use of renewable energy sources. First, he ordered the creation of a new administration 'biofuels working group.'


Life-changing Single-payer May Day in Havana Free Roxana Saberi Happy May Day

Obama needs a new policy on Colombia

The Obama administration has yet to be heard from on Colombia. The Colombia military alliance remains strong, as indicated by U.S. use of bases there to replace Ecuador’s Manta air base from which U.S. troops and planes were expelled.

100 days

As we mark the first 100 days of the Obama presidency, it is still necessary to ask, “Is this real? Is the eight-year Bush nightmare really over?”


School has no heat! Immigrant and worker rights Fickle and volatile Support dental funding

WORLD NOTES: Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Russia, West Bank, Cuba

Nigeria: Transnat’l plunder leaves loose ends Sri Lanka: Noted author charges genocide Venezuela: Pacts on oil and more Russia: Workers hit the streets West Bank: Intimidation mounts Cuba: Support reform of UN Security Council

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