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WORLD NOTES: Hungary, Afghanistan, Philippines, Canada, Colombia, Cuba

Hungary: Economy fells prime minister Afghanistan: People’s needs still neglected Philippines: Protests mount against U.S. military Canada: Movement grows vs. deportations Colombia: FARC promotes prisoner exchange Cuba: Chernobyl rescue anniversary marked


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Solidarity from Brazil to Madagascar

If you’re in southeastern Brazil and miss the People’s Weekly World, go to the farmlands and stop by the offices of Camoneses Sem Terra, a landless peasant association. You’ll be able to read PWW articles on their classroom’s blackboard.


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Drug cartel violence has political, economic roots

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico -- Recent media reports about Mexico picture a country near collapse, with police and army outgunned by well-armed and organized drug cartels. U.S. government travel warnings speak of “small unit combat” taking place against cartel units equipped with uniforms, heavy automatic weapons and even grenades.


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Editorial: Democracy hypocrisy

The architects of the biggest job-killing operation in U.S. history — one that has chewed up and spit out the jobs of more than 1.8 million human beings during the last three months — are now emoting about job loss in this country.

ICE-d! Dragnet raids, quotas stir outrage

BALTIMORE—Six-year-old Tomas Guillen underwent chemotherapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital without the comforting presence of his father. His dad, Ernesto Guillen, a janitor, was on the way to his son’s bedside when he and 23 other Latino workers and shoppers were arrested at a 7-Eleven Store here in 2007.

LETTERS February 28, 2009

Prediction Remembering Rose Gaza war crimes Progressive change Ghost of a war past

Venezuela rejects term limits

With 94 percent of the votes counted, Venezuela’s National Election Council announced late Feb. 15 the results of the referendum on term limits. Some 6 million “yes” voters, 54.4 percent, approved the amendment to lift term limits. A million fewer, 45.6 percent, dissented.

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