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LETTERS: January 17

Macabre Arpaio Capitalism’s last dance? Buckeye State greeting No benefit cuts for autoworkers Where are the FBI files? Help needed

EDITORIAL: Happy holidays

This year will go down in history. Electing the first African American president is history-making. And what it took to accomplish that is history-making too: the unity — and struggle — of millions of ordinary Americans coming together to take back our country from the reactionary corporate Republican elite.

EDITORIAL: Focus on policy

The process of governing has begun for President-elect Barack Obama, as the economic crisis deepens and a bloody attack in Mumbai, India, puts terrorism on top of our headlines.

Facts on Venezuela

Poll Shows Rising Satisfaction with Democracy in Venezuela A new survey published on November 14, 2008 by the respected Chilean polling firm Latinobarómetro finds that Venezuela has the region's highest rate of support for democracy as the best system of government, and the second highest rate of satisfaction with the actual functioning of democracy. Citizen satisfaction with democracy has risen by 14 percentage points since 1998, when President Chavez was elected for the first time.

Letters: Sept. 20, 2008

Heavy toll on Afghan children What we need today No, baby, don’t drill Why would McCain think of Palin?

Letters - Sept. 13, 2008

What is a maverick? Cuba solidarity now Prepare to protect vote Palin and wolves

Editorial: GOP meltdown

Unpopular President Bush is kept away from his party’s convention. Texas Republican Ron Paul holds a counter-convention of some 10,000 across town, reportedly with far-right ideologues like Grover “drown the government” Norquist in attendance. The Republican media machine churns out smoke and mirrors to try to prettify a hasty and highly problematic pick for vice president. The GOP’s far right wing can’t trust the GOP’s right wing.

Editorial: Remarkable Labor Day

This Labor Day is one of the most remarkable we can recall. Like a wave building power and momentum, American unions, declared dead or irrelevant by the punditry, are on a roll that we haven’t seen for some time — empowered and enthused by the movement for change that is sweeping the country with the Obama campaign.


Struggle vs. supply and demand Answered Campaign financing Armed robbery TAKE ACTION We want to hear from you!


Contradictory China

Almost everything you’ve heard about China is true — at least, that’s my impression from a short week-and-a-half visit to Beijing at the end of May.

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