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Contra figures resurface to target Venezuela

His “crimes” include acting as a democratically elected president of a sovereign Venezuela; rejecting the principles embodied in the Monroe Doctrine (i.e., “Latin America is the U.S.A.’s backyard”); challenging neoliberal doctrines that serve the interest of global corporations rather than social development; seeking to solidify the economic and political integration of South America based on the principles of equal exchange and mutually beneficial cooperation; and using Venezuela’s oil income to benefit the majority of Venezuelans rather than an elite few.


No protection in bankruptcy bill; Tax the rich, fund social needs


Uptown youth China and socialism Insecurity Communists and religion


Not another Hiroshima Unruly women

Freedom Ride shakes up political landscape

Opinion Armed with solidarity, songs and the legacy of America’s civil rights movement, two busloads of immigrants and their African-American, white, Arab-, Asian-, and Latin-American supporters faced down dozens of Department of Homeland Security agents and their dogs in the heart of Texas last week.


Another one-term Bush? / Grasso’s inglorious exit

First, do no harm

Opinion What if they gave a war and no one came? What if they (the same they, it seems) gave an execution and no doctor showed up? Maybe they would have to call off both.


It takes a fight to win / Bush is beatable

Vietnams socialist market economy

Vietnam shifted to a socialist market economy in 1986 after failing to meet economic output targets of its five-year plans. Similar problems began to appear in the mid-1970s in the USSR and European socialist countries.

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