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Britain not quite a parallel media universe

Opinion The people of Britain and the United States are living in parallel, yet substantively different, media universes. Bonds of language and overlaps of mass culture are obvious. But a visit to London quickly illuminates the reality that mainstream journalism is much less narrow here than in America.

Rudy Lozano, 20 years later

Opinion On the morning of June 8, 1983, Rudy Lozano, chief Midwest field organizer of the old International Ladies Garment Workers Union, was murdered in cold blood in his house in the Little Village neighborhood on Chicago’s southwest side. The forces behind his killing have never been conclusively identified.


Thank you Glenn Fine! / Freedom of the press under siege


No resegregation / Road map to peace

Cinco de Mayo has many lessons

Cinco de Mayo is an important national holiday for the Mexican people.It is a celebration of the victory of freedom and national sovereignty. Often, commemorations focus on the military victory by a Mexican people’s army over a larger force of well-trained French troops in the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. But a look at the whole story finds important parallels for our own time, for Mexico and others.


May 1: International Workers’ Day Only 117 years ago, May 1, 1886, Albert and Lucy Parsons and their two children led 80,000 workers up Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, arm-in-arm, singing. That day, a third of a million American workers answered the call of the Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions, predecessor of the American Federation of Labor, to lay down their tools, demanding relief from the brutal 12- and 14-hour workdays imposed by the capitalist employers.


Stop the killing in Iraq! Ceasefire now! / Patriotism and dissent!


Protecting veterans / Bush suffers Senate setback


Peace is patriotic / Taxes, taxes and more taxes

A jewel

Opinion Sometimes it gets rained on. At other times, the cold winds of winter whip it. That just makes it more resilient. Sometimes it’s out for hours in snow. There are other days when the sun heats it to its very core. On all of those days it seems to glow from deep within, light coming from some well of calm, exciting brilliance.

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