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Union City a union city

UNION CITY-- A fighting militant demonstration of several hundred nursing home workers, members of 1199/SEIU sent a message to their employer, Castle Hill Nursing Home, that they want a new union contract and they mean to get it. No more stalling.

In a day full of dramatic events, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya attempted to return to home to Tegucigalpa, Honduras capital, July 5. However, his plane was not allowed to land.


Scientists question N. Korea nuclear test

In an article recently published in the journal Science, noted scientific journalist Daniel Clery has raised serious questions about the actual nature of the May 25 underground explosion claimed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [North Korea] as a nuclear test, provoking worldwide condemnation. Clery points out that while the DPRK's first nuclear test in 2006 released traces of radioactive xenon gas detectable as far away as Canada, this time super-sensitive U.S. 'sniffer' planes overflying the zone could not detect so much as an atom of anomalous nuclear material.

Chavez nationalises Banco de Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez has made a great leap towards increasing democratic control over the economy by nationalising Venezuela's third-largest bank. The government took over Banco de Venezuela after agreeing to pay Spanish privateer Grupo Santander more than $1 billion (£612m) for its subsidiary.

COMMENTARY On racism, Supreme Court rules for status quo

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the New Haven firefighters is not a reason to keep Judge Sonia Sotomayor off the court as some on the right are pushing, but rather it shows how urgent it is that she be confirmed.


New York Pride

The demand for full marriage rights was a major theme at the June 28 Gay Pride Parade in New York.

A passerby pushed off a would-be 'suicide jumper' off a bridge in Guangzhou city, southern China's Guangdong province, for he was 'too angry about the jumper's selfish activity,' Saturday's China Daily reported.

OPINION Lets break mayor-corporate lock on citys schools

NEW YORK — At 12:01 this morning, the law that enshrined mayoral control of New York City’s public schools formally expired, as the state Senate remained paralyzed by crisis. The city’s old Board of Education was automatically resurrected, as were 32 community school boards, whose members are to be elected.

Central Asia union support Employee Free Choice Act

Leaders of the global union for skills and services, (UNI) affiliates in Kyrgyzstan together with the UNI Moscow delivered a letter to the Ambassador of the USA to the Kyrgyz Republic in support of Free Choice Act.

Brazil frees 28,000 from slave labor

More than 28,000 Brazilians have been rescued from conditions of modern slavery since 2003, according to figures of the Department of Work Inspection (STI) of the Ministry of Work and Employment, informed sources here. Detection and rescue of Brazilians from this degrading form of work is the task of the Special Mobile Legal Group of STI, and statistics point to farm and agricultural activities as top perpetrators of this kind of labor force.

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