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Abraham Lincoln Brigade reunion to celebrate humanitarian legacy

The Lincoln Vets represent a life-long commitment to international humanitarianism. Less well known is that their work on behalf of the 500,000 refugees of the Spanish Civil War—like the Brigadistas, border crossers—helped lay the basis of refugee relief as we know it today.

Environmental community supports Employee Free Choice

Happy Earth Day! It’s a great time to celebrate the cooperation between the environmental movement and the union movement in building a stronger, greener economy. A big part of that collaboration is making sure that green jobs are good jobs, so workers can bargain for health care, pensions, job security and fair wages.


Venezuela to restore its US ambassador

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced that he is restoring his country's ambassador to Washington. After exchanging greetings with US President Barack Obama at the Americas Summit in Trinidad and handing him a Spanish-language copy of Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano's book Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent, the Venezuelan premier voiced hopes of beginning a 'new era' in relations - and said that he had already chosen the new envoy.

WORLD NOTES: Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Russia, West Bank, Cuba

Nigeria: Transnat’l plunder leaves loose ends Sri Lanka: Noted author charges genocide Venezuela: Pacts on oil and more Russia: Workers hit the streets West Bank: Intimidation mounts Cuba: Support reform of UN Security Council

Latin American World Economic Forum starts

Rio de Janeiro, Apr 14 (Prensa Latina) Latin America's World Economic Forum, which will discuss strategies to eliminate the international financial crisis' effects on the region, is starting on Tuesday in this capital, attended by 500 delegates from 35 countries.

Prosecutors indict Posada on criminal charges

A grand Jury in El Paso handed down an 11 point indictment April 10 against Luis Posada, superseding an earlier desultory prosecution for alleged immigration fraud. As a sign Washington may be serious about dealing with Posada as murderer and saboteur, the action buoyed up hopes that Posada might be extradited to Venezuela or tried for murder in the United States.

WORLD NOTES: Hungary, Afghanistan, Philippines, Canada, Colombia, Cuba

Hungary: Economy fells prime minister Afghanistan: People’s needs still neglected Philippines: Protests mount against U.S. military Canada: Movement grows vs. deportations Colombia: FARC promotes prisoner exchange Cuba: Chernobyl rescue anniversary marked

Anti-communists attack Moldova parliament

Anti-communists stormed Moldova's parliament on Tuesday, hurling computers through windows and setting fire to furniture in a violent demonstration against what they claimed were fraudulent elections.

U.S. economic policy faces a defiant planet

As President Obama begins his first European tour this week, starting with the G20 economic summit, he’s finding that much of the rest of the world has suddenly become quite uppity.

30,000 jobs lost a day in March

The bloodletting of U.S. jobs continues at an unprecedented pace: In March, the number of jobless workers worsened by 663,000, to 13.2 million, and the unemployment rate rose to 8.5 percent. That’s about 30,000 jobs lost for each work day in March.

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