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Bete.e and Stef, a talented duo from Montreal, Canada, first came to the attention of Canadians in 1997 with their self made and promoted CD Jazz/Bossa Nova. It sold 50,000 units, an incredible achievement when jazz CDs, either domestic or imported, sell at the most 10,000 CDs in Canada. Day by Day is Bete.e and Stef’s second release and it does not disappoint.


Bush the liar It seems that there are still people out there who have not concluded that everything the president and his pawns (or is it the other way around?) say about anything is a distortion or outright lie. And these people seem to believe that Iraq actually poses some sort of threat to something other than oil company executives’ profits.


The American people are not a ‘focus group’ On Feb. 15-16 a new peace movement was born. A movement that represents the people’s heartfelt concerns that international problems be resolved peacefully, instead of what the Bush administration has pushed – a war on Iraq.