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Solidarity leaders say: Let Cuba live!

WASHINGTON – A standing-room crowd of Cuba solidarity activists packed the Cuban Interest Section April 26 for a briefing on the current U.S.-Cuba crisis. Cuba’s response to so-called “dissidents” including the execution of three men who hijacked a ferry has stirred widespread concern among many who have been active in Cuba solidarity. The ferry hijacking was one of seven hijackings of Cuban airliners and boats in as many months, placing at risk the lives of scores of men, women and children.

Salvadoran doctor appeals for strike support

BALTIMORE – Dr. Evelyn Martinez de Calderon told a crowd here, Feb. 28., that 5,500 medical doctors in El Salvador are still standing strong despite death threats aimed at smashing their five-month strike against privatization of the nation’s health care system.

U.S.-Philippine troop deal unravels

Plans the Pentagon announced last week to send 3,000 troops to the Philippines to help in efforts to eradicate the Abu Sayyaf group of Islamic militants are facing a sharp challenge this week as critics point out that the Philippine constitution bars foreign troops from fighting on its territory.

Venezuelan update

The problem the Bush administration has with Venezuela’s populist President Hugo Chavez, is his “heretical” views about the disposition of Venezuela’s oil wealth. Chavez believes that oil revenues generated by Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) should benefit the people of Venezuela rather than being recycled back to the United States.

Of Lungos & Seoritos: A Colombian view of Venezuela

At the petroleum refinery of Barrancabermeja the workers who are consigned to hard manual labor are called “lungos.” There are a lot of them and they earn very little.

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