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Disarmament advocates vs. U.S.-India nuclear deal

Peace and disarmament activists are warning that an agreement now before the Senate to let India buy nuclear fuel and technology from the United States for civilian purposes could make it easier for India to build more nuclear weapons. They say the pact also undermines the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty because it would let India participate in international nuclear trade even though it developed nuclear weapons outside the NPT framework and won’t sign the treaty.

Paraguay enters new era

Liberation theology proponent Fernando Lugo, a former Catholic bishop who has never before held political office, became Paraguay’s president Aug. 15 in ceremonies attended by heads of state and foreign guests.

Morales scores victory

The epic nature of today’s events in Bolivia flows from the long struggle between the country’s indigenous majority and a Europeanized ruling class, and from disparities between impoverished western highlands and four lowland eastern departments (states) thriving on natural gas and agribusiness. A government intent upon wealth redistribution is confronting eastern separatists for whom racism is a staple.

Cuba: 55 years after Moncada

What does a victorious revolution do after a half century in power? “We shall continue to analyze with the people, particularly with the workers, with the same transparency and confidence we've always had.” Speaking July 26 in Santiago de Cuba at the former Moncada Barracks, President Raul Castro pledged, “We shall continue to care for, prepare and listen to our youth.”

If not to Venezuela, send Luis Posada to Panama

Jose Pertierra is Venezuela’s U.S. lawyer. He is demanding that Luis Posada be returned to Panama to finish out jail time there in connection with an attempt with three others in 2000 to murder former Cuban President Fidel Castro, then in Panama City.


Cuba Caravanistas Do Dallas

DALLAS, TX – We are one of the cities where routes converge for the dozens of Americans heading for Laredo, Texas, then to revolutionary Cuba. On June 27, 41 of them came to Munger Place United Methodist Church from Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and Denver.

Africa says no to Pentagon

Plans to base the much-talked-about United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Africa have been dropped for now. The U.S. government acknowledged defeat in its all-out campaign to convince any African ally to welcome the installation on its territory. AFRICOM will begin operations this October in Germany instead.

Worldnotes - June 14, 2008

Germany: The Left Party sets course Peru: U.S. military intervenes South Africa: Revival of alliance Australia: Unions respond to migrant workers Gaza: Abbas promotes reconciliation

Worldnotes - June 7, 2008

Czech Republic: Resistance grows to U.S. bases Brazil: New security alliance formed Iraq: Unions urge end to anti-union measures Egypt: Textile strikes snowball Puerto Rico: Primary highlights colonial status Cuba: Amnesty International raps U.S.

Cuban Five lose appeal, protests build

Almost ten months after defense attorneys presented oral arguments, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals June 4 delivered bad news to prisoners Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez; Rene Gonzalez; Ramon Labanino; and Antonio Guerrero, collectively known as the Cuban Five. The three judge panel reaffirmed all five convictions plus the sentences imposed on two of the men. However, the Appeals Court did revoke life sentences for Labanino and Guerrero, also Fernando Gonzalez’ 19-year term. The judges noted that “no top secret information was gathered or transmitted.” Their cases go back to the Miami court for resentencing.

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