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Britain not quite a parallel media universe

Opinion The people of Britain and the United States are living in parallel, yet substantively different, media universes. Bonds of language and overlaps of mass culture are obvious. But a visit to London quickly illuminates the reality that mainstream journalism is much less narrow here than in America.



An opening for struggle / A foot in the door or a kick in the pants

Communist parties pledge Cuba solidarity

Communist and workers’ parties from over 50 countries meeting in Athens, Greece, June 19-20, called for vigorous campaigns in solidarity “with the Cuban people and its heroic struggle for the defense of national independence and sovereignty the socialist system of Cuba and the achievements of the Cuban people.” The parties noted the new level of imperialist hostility towards the socialist nation.

Iraq quagmire echoes Vietnam

Talk of a U.S. quagmire in Iraq is mounting as attacks on U.S. and British soldiers ratchet upward. A harrowing report in the London Evening Standard June 15 gives a graphic picture of traumatized American soldiers trapped in a Vietnam-like war among a hostile population.