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Union City a union city

UNION CITY-- A fighting militant demonstration of several hundred nursing home workers, members of 1199/SEIU sent a message to their employer, Castle Hill Nursing Home, that they want a new union contract and they mean to get it. No more stalling.


Book review: Can capitalism last?

Rubin’s book examines the main aspects of Marxism and shows how critical they are to the struggles for progress we witness every day. His book manages to cover all the major aspects of Marxism in a 196-page volume along with updating some concepts. He manages to take the fundamentals of Marxism, build upon them and apply the methodology to the new developments of our day.

Specter tells labor: You're gonna like my EFCA vote

Congressional backers of the Employee Free Choice Act are closer than ever to the 60 senators they need to break a planned Republican filibuster after Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) told a crowd of trade unionists in Pittsburgh June 6, “I believe you’ll be satisfied with my vote on this issue.”


Art For A Change: Strike/Huelga

Amanecer (Dawn) is one of two oil paintings by California artist Mark Vallen, which will be on display at the National Chicana/Chicano Biennial of 2009, organized by MACLA, or the Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (Movement of Latin American Art and Culture).


Students don hard hats in unique school-trades partnership

PHILADELPHIA — “We need the best people here. If you have a trade, a skill, no one can take that from you.” This was the advice Frank Marsh of Iron Workers Local 401 gave to the 40 Philadelphia high school students who attended Youth Safety in Construction Day here May 22.

Labor's special friend

Barack Obama the presidential candidate declared that the nation needed 'a president who doesn't choke on the word 'union.'' But now that Obama has assumed the presidency - and good riddance to his virulently anti-union predecessor -- is he delivering on his promise to lead a pro-union administration?

VP Biden affirms Obama admin.'s support for EFCA

Rumors of the demise of the Employee Free Choice Act are unfounded. In a teleconference with reporters to tout the administration's accomplishments in its first 100 days, Vice President Joe Biden told reporters that the president continues to support and work for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

Environmental community supports Employee Free Choice

Happy Earth Day! It’s a great time to celebrate the cooperation between the environmental movement and the union movement in building a stronger, greener economy. A big part of that collaboration is making sure that green jobs are good jobs, so workers can bargain for health care, pensions, job security and fair wages.

30,000 jobs lost a day in March

The bloodletting of U.S. jobs continues at an unprecedented pace: In March, the number of jobless workers worsened by 663,000, to 13.2 million, and the unemployment rate rose to 8.5 percent. That’s about 30,000 jobs lost for each work day in March.

Economic blackmail

Corporate opponents of workers’ freedom to form unions repeatedly have shown they are not interested in the welfare of their employees or any of the pseudo-lofty ideals they cite while fighting the Employee Free Choice Act.

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