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Labor struggles erupt at Sacramento City Council

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two important labor struggles have recently come before the City Council here.

Labor victory in California casino vote

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gambling interests could not muster enough State Assembly votes to ram through confirmation of a new Native American gambling casino agreement at the end of the 2006 California legislative session. The legislation would have set back casino workers’ rights while radically increasing the number of slot machines in the state.



This week’s clips are a brief roundup of a few of the hundreds of Labor Day parades, marches and picnics around the country. DALLAS: Labor breakfast, immigrant rights march PITTSBURGH: Workers demand change in Washington DETROIT: Flight attendants lead 50,000 marchers LORAIN, Ohio: ‘The air was electric’ LOS ANGELES: ‘We’re building power’

Wake up Wal-Mart rocks St. Louis

ST. LOUIS — As part of the nonstop, cross-country “2006 Change Wal-Mart, Change America” tour, over 150 trade unionists, activists and community leaders rallied here Aug. 11. The tour, scheduled to visit 35 cities in 19 states in 35 days, is sponsored by WakeUpWalMart.com and is designed to build awareness and pressure Wal-Mart to become a better corporate citizen


EDITORIAL: Poison pills

Does the hard working woman refilling your coffee cup at the lunch counter look like she deserves a pay cut? That could be the outcome if the minimum wage bill, passed in the dead of the night by the House of Representatives, makes it past the Senate.


Pro-labor candidate to oppose Schwarzenegger

Labor and progressive forces scored significant victories and mounted important challenges in California’s June 6 primary election.


Connecticut PWW honors state AFL-CIO

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — At the People’s Weekly World annual May Day celebration here, Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olsen recalled that only two years ago Connecticut Labor Against the War was awarded the Connecticut PWW’s Newsmaker Award. This, he said, contributed to the dialogue that resulted in adoption by the state and national AFL-CIO of strong resolutions against the Iraq war.

Texas labor picks candidates

IRVING, Texas — The Texas AFL-CIO held its 46th Political Education (COPE) convention here, May 8-9. Democrats, independents, and even one Republican made persuasive appeals for labor’s endorsement.


Sago Mine families grill company officials

While an unprecedented public hearing on the Jan. 2 explosion inside the Sago Mine reached no definitive conclusions, it showed that the surviving families know more about mining coal safely than the International Coal Group’s owners and executives.

EDITORIAL: Whos corrupt?

In February 2003 Bush’s Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao issued an undisguised threat to the elected union leaders representing millions of Americans.

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