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Capital campaign approaches $150,000

The capital campaign to raise $400,000 for three worker-community educational and activist centers is approaching the $150,000 mark this week. A coordinated campaign of the New York-based Chelsea Fund for Education and the Workers Education Society in Chicago reported the progress made in a March letter to potential donors.



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White House lies won’t wash / Stop the Bush-Cheney energy rip-off

Gay marriage debate rages in states

While same-sex couples line up at city halls across the country in hopes of being married, sometimes defending their right to do so by demonstrating in the streets, the debate over gay marriage rages on in state legislatures.

Leftist seeks Salvadoran presidency

As El Salvador’s March 21 presidential election draws closer, recent polls indicate that Schafik Handal, the candidate of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), has a chance of winning the presidency.

A jewel

Opinion Sometimes it gets rained on. At other times, the cold winds of winter whip it. That just makes it more resilient. Sometimes it’s out for hours in snow. There are other days when the sun heats it to its very core. On all of those days it seems to glow from deep within, light coming from some well of calm, exciting brilliance.

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