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World Notes: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Gaza, Italy, Kenya, Nepal

Puerto Rico: Workers nix layoffs, privatization Colombia: Lawyer says Dole pays for murder Gaza: UN report blames Israeli army Italy: Migrants sent back to Africa Kenya: China steps up ties Nepal: Resignation provokes gov’t crisis

Obama admin. launches renewable fuels programs

President Obama took two major steps this week to expand the use of renewable energy sources. First, he ordered the creation of a new administration 'biofuels working group.'

Obama needs a new policy on Colombia

The Obama administration has yet to be heard from on Colombia. The Colombia military alliance remains strong, as indicated by U.S. use of bases there to replace Ecuador’s Manta air base from which U.S. troops and planes were expelled.


School has no heat! Immigrant and worker rights Fickle and volatile Support dental funding

Letters - May 24 2008

Stand with veterans The tragedy of Reading First: more than corruption Solidarity tours Dental care is a necessity

Worldnotes - May 24, 2008

Cuba: International Day Against Homophobia South Africa: Protecting water rights Israel: Different health outcomes Brazil: Environment takes a hit Canada: Victims confront multinational giant Australia: Coal mine canary dies


Letters - May 2, 2008

The price of invasion $4 saved Map error What is a good salary?

Worldnotes - May 2, 2008

Honduras: General strike reflects discontent Gaza: No fuel, mass suffering Africa: Zimbabwe arms stay on ship Hungary: Crisis over cuts Cuba: Health care changes seen


There goes another plant End the travel ban Iranians bike for peace Take note

Labor/equality alliance lives

It is appropriate that Chicago, where the fight for the 8-hour day began so dramatically at Haymarket Square 120 years ago, is the site of this year’s Coalition of Black Trade Unionists convention.

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