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Political suicide

My club had just finished going door-to-door with the AFL-CIO petition to save Social Security and giving out PWWs when I read “Upholding Theoretical Foundations.”


Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift move over…; Media half-truths on Social Security; ‘Downfall’ disappointment; Remember FDR, protect Social Security; Parallels between ‘war on terror,’ Iraq and Vietnam

Editorial: Debatable deal

The recent deal between 14 Democrats and Republicans on the filibuster and judicial nominees leaves much to be desired. Democrats agreed not to block judges appointed by the administration except in “extraordinary circumstances,” while, in exchange, the Republican ultra-right won’t invoke the so-called “nuclear option” — changing Senate rules to end the filibuster.


Italian elections; More on Communist Party; Working class pride; Scoundrel time; A wonderful gift; When will it end?; Swords into ploughshares

Labor Update

Support grows for health care bill; American-Islamic group supports EFCA; Union addresses high cost of housing; Bush targets FMLA; Labor on the air

Prisoner needs medical care

PHILADELPHIA — Russell “Maroon” Shoats, 61, has been in prison for over 33 years for the death of a policeman in a case known as the “Philly 5.” He is a father, grandfather and model prisoner, with only one minor rule infraction during his imprisonment. Despite his good behavior, he has spent more than 10 of those years in solitary confinement.

Phila. MOVE tragedy recalled

Over 200 MOVE supporters and members gathered May 14 near the site where Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on the group’s row house 20 years ago. Police Commissioner Gregore Sambor ordered the fire department “to let the fire burn.” Eleven MOVE members, including five children, died in the blaze.

Spanish Civil War songs

Record review Spain in My Heart: Songs of the Spanish Civil War Multiple artists, Appleseed Recordings, 2003



Ohio workers: ‘Outsource Bush’ / Memorial Day, 1937

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