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Anti-union politician goes down

Worker’s Correspondence Dave Herbert, longtime member of the Oklahoma Senate, a Democrat, should have talked to the delegations of union people who came to his office in February 2001, after he introduced anti-union legislation that led to “Right to Work/scab” status. One of the unionists who came to talk to Herbert was an electrician named Joe Smith.



No tribute to gods of war / Taking the Peace Road – a necessity

Labor boosts Wellstone campaign

If the election were held today, Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone would defeat his GOP opponent by a 47 to 44 margin, according to a poll conducted for Minnesota Public Radio (MPR). Candidates for the Independence and Green parties would each win 2 percent, with 5 percent of Minnesotans are still undecided.

Cesar Chavez stamp unveiled

WASHINGTON – Civil rights and labor leader Cesar E. Chavez was honored here Sept. 18 as a stamp in his honor was unveiled. The stamp’s unveiling was attended by members of Congress, labor and civil rights leaders.

Chicago closes shelters

In a city where tents and makeshift homes are part of many working-class neighborhoods, activists, residents, homeless and handicapped citizens protested the recent closings of more downtown shelters and low-cost hotels.