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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.: Students say bring troops home, fund human needs HUNTINGTON, Utah: Coal miners mourned, gov’t inquiries begin CORAL GABLES, Fla.: Dems debate on Spanish TV, GOP bows out WASHINGTON: Civil liberties groups hail two rulings

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Prisoner exchange vexes Colombian politics

“Sadly our children, our loved ones, are there in the forests, and we are in the middle of this political game between the government and the FARC,” said Gustavo Moncayo, a primary schoolteacher in Colombia, on Aug. 2. For 46 days the Professor walked 800 miles from his home close to the Ecuadorian border to demand the government negotiate with leftist guerillas to secure the release of his son Pablo.

Iraqis condemn U.S. colonialism

President Bush plans to ask Congress for $50 billion this month to continue funding the Iraq war, the Washington Post reports. But meanwhile, Iraqi Communists charge, “The Americans are doing everything they can to prevent Iraqis from exercising their right to self-determination.”


Takes issue with headline Equality for lesbians, gays Wrong on ‘Big Box’ ordinance What’s LMHC?

Labor victory in California casino vote

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gambling interests could not muster enough State Assembly votes to ram through confirmation of a new Native American gambling casino agreement at the end of the 2006 California legislative session. The legislation would have set back casino workers’ rights while radically increasing the number of slot machines in the state.


LOUISVILLE, Ky.: Honor 9/11 victims with peace CHICAGO: Daley vetoes living wage law WASHINGTON: Bolton nomination hits snag BISMARCK, N.D.: Priest, veterans face trial for missile protest

Calif. gov. to veto same-sex marriage

Within a day after the California Legislature approved a bill legalizing same sex marriage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said last week that while he respects the legal protections already in place in California for gays, he would reject the bill and believes the issue should be settled in court.


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