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Sharon war policy wrecks Israeli economy

TEL AVIV – It would be too simple to blame Israel’s colonialist onslaught against the Palestinian people for the serious economic debacle Israel is experiencing at present. About one third of the country’s families, mainly the working class, are enduring enormous hardships, with officials admitting that a growing percentage of Israel’s children are going to bed hungry.



Rights under attack/Help working people

Bush scuttles medical privacy

If there was ever a question about corporate ownership of the Bush White House, recent actions in regard to the privacy of personal medical data should remove all doubt.

Labor law 101

The threat by President George Bush to intervene in contract talks between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) is a classic example of how U.S. laws governing labor management relations are tilted against workers and their unions and but another example of Bush’s hatred of working people.

Commercialism invades Billiken parade

CHICAGO – Over a million people, despite heat and sun, attended the 73rd annual Bud Billiken Parade here Aug. 10, and millions more watched the nation’s second largest parade on television.