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Blue Cross millionaires scared to compete

The boys running the show at Blue Cross in North Carolina are running scared. They're worried that President Obama is going to treat them like autoworkers and make them actually compete in the market. The Blue Cross boys think that they belong in the same league as the Wall Street bankers and should just be allowed to collect their multi-million-dollar salaries without being forced to worry about things like competition.

Chavez expropriates more private firms

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the nationalisation of major iron and steel firms, accelerating his drive to bolster the country's industrial base. Mr Chavez, who has already brought many of Venezuela's biggest industries into public ownership, announced on Thursday that steel companies Matesi, Consigua, Ceramicas Carabobo and Tavsa would be nationalised.

Pres. Obama's Memorial Day remarks

This Memorial Day weekend, Americans will gather on lawns and porches, fire up the grill, and enjoy the company of family, friends, and neighbors. But this is not only a time for celebration, it is also a time to reflect on what this holiday is all about.

Arizona prisoners on lockdown amid hunger strike

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 20 (IPS) - Bad food is not the only reason thousands of mostly pre-trial detainees have been going on an intermittent two-week hunger strike in Arizona’s Maricopa County jails.

American Idol: Kris or Adam? Game on!

Season eight on “American Idol” this year has been fun, entertaining and exciting and it’s all going to come to an end tonight. So who’s gonna be crowned the winner? Will it be the powerhouse voice of Adam Lambert or the folksy pop star Kris Allen?

Pakistan at a crossroads

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, where past meets present and national identity meets regional influences. It does not seem to be at a crossroads, as some have described, between a nuclear-armed democratic state vs. a nuclear-armed failed state.

World Notes: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Gaza, Italy, Kenya, Nepal

Puerto Rico: Workers nix layoffs, privatization Colombia: Lawyer says Dole pays for murder Gaza: UN report blames Israeli army Italy: Migrants sent back to Africa Kenya: China steps up ties Nepal: Resignation provokes gov’t crisis

Labor's special friend

Barack Obama the presidential candidate declared that the nation needed 'a president who doesn't choke on the word 'union.'' But now that Obama has assumed the presidency - and good riddance to his virulently anti-union predecessor -- is he delivering on his promise to lead a pro-union administration?


Cuba’s response to flu Fly ash Investigate human rights abuses in Gaza May Day Stories


WORLDNOTES - Germany, Ethiopia, Australia, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Cuba

Germany: Nuclear withdrawal a campaign issue Ethiopia: Arrests pose quandary for U.S. Australia: Controversy over refugee rights Ecuador: President Correa wins Cuba: Foreign ministers hear from Raul Castro

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