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US drone slaughters Pakistanis

A US unmanned Predator drone shot three missiles that hit a residence in Neej Narai mountains, in Ladha, South Waziristan, at the south Pakistani border with Afghanistan. Dawn TV Network says the attack killed six civilians. Attacks by remote-controlled planes of Pakistani tribal areas, especially in Waziristan, have become common place for over two years with the toll of over 800 civilians killed to date. The Pentagon denies such attacks although just its troops and the Central Intelligence Agency operate Predator drones in Afghanistan.

WORLDNOTES - Italy, Philippines, Global, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Cuba

Italy: Gaddafi visit, a first Philippines: Land rights leader murdered Global: Union activists vulnerable, labor federation says Lebanon: Vote keeps status quo Nicaragua: Aid won’t be missed Cuba: Oil exported, with Venezuelan help

Lebanon incumbents lead vote

Lebanon's March 14 Bloc (M14), which holds the parliamentary majority, maintains its supremacy over the March 8 coalition led by Hezbollah, according to partial official results disclosed there Monday.

Venezuela targets private banks

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened to sanction private banks which fail to co-operate with his administration's drive to construct a socialist economy. Mr Chavez said that banks should facilitate exchange by providing credit to people buying houses or producing food, rather than generating massive profits for their owners.

WORLD NOTES Argentina, Egypt, China, Georgia, Afghanistan, Cuba

Argentina: Worker-run plants continue Egypt: Textile workers end strike China: Mainland, Taiwan leaders confer Georgia: Protest U.S.-backed president Afghanistan: Aid reaches few people Cuba: Russia returns as ally

Palestinians honor Holocaust victims

RAMALLAH, May 29 (IPS) - On a cool and overcast day, a procession of grim-faced people filed silently past pictures of heaps of skeletons piled high, of emaciated survivors with blank stares corralled behind barbed wire, barely clinging to life.

Chavez expropriates more private firms

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the nationalisation of major iron and steel firms, accelerating his drive to bolster the country's industrial base. Mr Chavez, who has already brought many of Venezuela's biggest industries into public ownership, announced on Thursday that steel companies Matesi, Consigua, Ceramicas Carabobo and Tavsa would be nationalised.

Pakistan at a crossroads

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, where past meets present and national identity meets regional influences. It does not seem to be at a crossroads, as some have described, between a nuclear-armed democratic state vs. a nuclear-armed failed state.

World Notes: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Gaza, Italy, Kenya, Nepal

Puerto Rico: Workers nix layoffs, privatization Colombia: Lawyer says Dole pays for murder Gaza: UN report blames Israeli army Italy: Migrants sent back to Africa Kenya: China steps up ties Nepal: Resignation provokes gov’t crisis


Postcard from Havana on May 1

HAVANA -- More then 500,000 gathered from all parts of this socialist island nation to celebrate the International Workers Day. Also being celebrated was the 70th anniversary of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (C.T.C.).

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